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Mysore Road, Bangalore

a sacred grove.........         of your own

A journey through life is more fulfilling when you have the company of like-minded people. And a space where your shared ideas and notions of life can evolve and take shape. Now imagine a place where you find an uncommon, but spontaneous expression of nature’s sacred spirit  - a ceremonial gathering of the Neem, Peepal and Banyan; standing tall and silent as nature’s sentinels guarding a special grove. Imagine the coming together of a community to nurture such a sacred grove. To build a special ecoscape where nature can breathe easy, heal and flourish. This is Good Earth PalmGrove. Your own sacred grove.  A place for you to commune with nature.

.A Kilometre’s drive from the Bangalore – Mysore road, towards the famed 400-year old Big Banyan Tree (Dodda alamara), will bring you to a coconut and areca nut plantation—Good Earth PalmGrove. The moment you enter, you will experience the difference. Cool, fresh air and gentle sun rays filter in through the long palm leaves.

PalmGrove is our concept of an ecoscape where we could build sustainable communities. It is a charming panorama of swaying palms and a terraced terrain, gently hopping down. And herein lies our inspiration for your home.

PalmGrove is the congregating of like-minded people with similar attitudes, pursuits and passions. And a deep reverence for nature. Gardening, bird-watching and spending time with friends could become an extension of your day’s activities. For children the landscape offers fodder for imaginative play. PalmGrove could be your home-office, where thinking global and acting local, take on real meaning; or the refreshing home that you come to at the end of a day in the crowded city.


Your home in PalmGrove is 23 kms from the city centre, to the South-West of Bangalore. Its strategic location ensures that you are able to get away from the rigours of city living to a quieter, healthier existence in commune with nature. But at the same time you don’t compromise on urban amenities. Well-connected by the Bangalore – Mysore road and the peripheral ring road, essential conveniences and services like hospitals and markets are near by. Reputed schools and colleges are not far, and for children of any age, it will be a healthy environment to grow up in.  ................... more


eco community

Good Earth PalmGrove is a community of 48 homes set within 8 acres. The houses at PalmGrove are designed along a slope in four groups around landscaped cluster spaces. Each space has its own distinct character by design and location. Undulating grass mounds, streams, ponds, amidst the subtle scent of herbs and flowers, and exotic plants, distinguish the clusters, apart from the coconut palm and areca nut avenues. The streets break up into parks, covered by groves. Spaces are designed with children and elders in mind, so that their joy in the biodiversity of nature is not compromised.

eco features


Eco-conscience drives our design and choice of materials and techniques such that you and your environment forge a relationship for life. We are committed to creating homes with low or no carbon emissions.

The layout has been planned in a way that helps retain much of the original topography. Thus, we have reduced the road areas and incorporated many of the trees in the landscaping. Houses take on the unique terraced character of the landscape and are built on multi-levels. Spaces within homes are efficiently planned. The amount of space wasted in circulation is saved by reducing the number of walls, light pools are created through a play of single and double height spaces. The density of houses at PalmGrove are low. Your home will be one of the 48 homes in the 8 acres of lush ecoscape. The carbon footprints are greatly reduced by utilising less than the maximum permissible area allowed to build, leading to lower material resources and hence less burden on the land. .......................................................................................................more


Imagine your home taking on the contours of the landscape – its steps become the steps that separate your living from the dining. The dense groves, your walls of privacy. Open decks invite in the lush vegetation to frame your sublime thoughts. The natural light generously, but unobtrusively liven up spaces. Glistening streams and ponds fed by the rainwater evoke a soothing harmony.


For us that translates in to simple foresight and meticulous planning. We have designed your home to be highly energy efficient and low on maintenance. Strategic placing of windows ensure a naturally lit house during the day; and energy-efficient lighting, during the night. Rainwater harvesting, eco-friendly sewage treatment and many such carefully worked out features ensure a self-sustainable environment.


Good Earth PalmGrove is an attempt to rebuild our ties with nature by engaging with it. Your home will not compete with nature, instead it will dissolve into the landscape.



design details

  • Seamlessly flowing, multi-level floors blend in to the distinctly terraced terrain.
  • Large, strategically placed windows open out to bring in the tropical landscape.
  • Verandahs for one to enjoy a cup of tea, an afternoon nap or a game of cards with neighbours.
  • Low walls and perches make interesting spaces while letting light and breeze flow  throughout the house.
  • Natural textures, warm tones, with space for individual expression, make each home unique and personal.
  • Building materials are a blend of the natural and eco-sensitive, that age beautifully and require less maintenance.
  • Brick, Stone, Clay and Wood enhance the aesthetic appeal and ensure well-insulated, comfortable homes.
  • Woodwork polished with cashew and linseed oil, ensures the longevity of the timber and gives it a rustic look.
  • Spaces flow into one another, from one level to another, all visually interconnected.
  • Spaces allow light, air and people’s energy to flow freely and communicate.
  • Experience tranquil moments of peace in meditation and some relaxed moments with oneself.
  • A room on the roof or a Zen room overlooking a terrace, nestling among the coconut fronds.
  • Areas for domestic help and spaces for laundry and storage form a carefully though out detail of our planning.

In Brief

Total no of homes: 48

Total site area: 8 Acres

Plot Sizes : 4000 to 6000sqft

Home Sizes : 2500 to 4500sqft

Construction Work in Progress

Project Complete

  • Villas planned in Four clusters of 13 -16 units with unique character for each cluster.
  • Individual villas with private garden courtyards. Six type designs and larger villas customised
  • Paved internal roads worked around existing palm trees with street landscape
  • PalmGrove will retain the ambience of the tropical garden landscape.
  • Underground service ducts to take care of electricity, telephone, TV.
  • Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Rainwater harvesting and recharging.
  • Adequate storm water drainage with percolation for ground water recharging.

  • Club House with swimming pool.
  • Health Club & Multi Gym.
  • Jogging & Cycling tracks
  • Cluster parks for Children & Elders
  • 24 hour Security & Compound wall
  • Provision for Broad band connectivity
  • Generator backup
  • Central pressurized water supply
  • Common wash room for servants, drivers etc.

Floor Plans

The Layout Plan



We intend to use a combination of energy efficient and locally available materials in the construction of your homes. This ensures the use of minimal energy in their transportation and manufacture......more.


Traditional crafts like carpentry, stonework and masonry are slowly dying out as they cannot adapt to newer material, technology and requirement. But the value they impart to a space cannot be overlooked. We make a conscious effort to integrate these crafts and their skilled craftsperson's in the building process. In all our work, we emphasize human resource rather than material.


Foundation, Super Structure, Roof & Floor Slabs, Exterior finishes...More

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