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River Song
NH 17 Bye Pass, Calicut (Ongoing)

                  Song project areal view
A long and winding road running besides gently flowing river. Coconut groves on one side, green hillocks on the other. And on one such little hillock- your home. Not a dream. It's Good Earth River Song. Near the Mampuzha river. A symphony of eco sensitivity and architectural excellence. Our new eco-community in the making at Calicut.

Your dream realized.

Project Summary

Development type: Premium Villas &  Villaments
Development profile: 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom units


Land Area: 7.53 cents
3 Bedroom units: 2710 sq ft, 2715 sq ft
4 Bedroom units: 2705 sq ft, 2715 sqft


3  Bedroom units: 2060 sq ft, 2105 sq ft, 2143 sq ft, 2172 sq ft, 2187 sq ft
2 Bedroom units: 1710 sq ft

Development time: 30 months


locationGood Earth River Song is coming up near Pantheerankavu, on a picture book perfect cliff beside river Mampuzha, about 650 m off NH 17 Bye Pass. The site is adequately buffered from the noise and air pollution of the highway. The area is poised for a sporadic development once the IT Parks, Shopping Malls, Luxury hotel projects, hospitals and other housing projects that are underway is enlivened.
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The Design

The site being a hillock challenges the design to minimize the disturbance on the site and yet create with a flair. Most of the villas are oriented in such a way that the valley view is captured. The units are designed as split level units and planning is open, a hide and seek in the treatment of spaces within the units. A centrally located space forms the common zone. Exposed stone and brick masonry forms the fabric which envelops these units. A harmonious merging of built space within the natural environment.

Community housing
Good Earth River Song gives you a modern interpretation of the traditional 'Agraharams'. This traditional joint family concept in design, helps in integrating a better community, which has been successfully achieved by our previous projects.

A central open space facilitates a sense of belonging, for all units of villas & villaments.

The vehicle free central court, over looked by all units becomes a micro community space and play area for children.

The units are discreetly merged with the terrain of the hillock, giving a fabulous view symbolic of harmonious blending of built up space with the natural environment.

Natural materials are aesthetically employed to envelop your home and individual sky garden becomes your private space.

Natural terrain of the land is utilized to create an infinity pool

Large landscaped areas for healthy pass time for the kids and elderly alike

Eco Features

DesignThe effort at Good Earth is to create functional benefits of friendly homes in harmony with
nature. With the Earth taking a toll of growing population and increased Eco-imbalance, the need for homes that are sensitive to the eco-system is need of the hour. Healthy living conditions for the inhabitants need to be ensured. The construction is based on eco principles and energy conservation. The direction of the design team is to ensure a sustainable environment that is friendly to the needs of the inhabitants.

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Premium features

  • Panoramic view from the elevated terrain
  • T errain facilitates water absorption and natural drainage
  • Limited dwelling units, horizontal spread with elevator facility
  • Green outdoor recreation space designed free of vehicular movement.
  • Terracotta cavity tiles clad on the external walls reducing, recurring maintenance.
  • Shower partitions for master bath room.
  • Private sky gardens
  • Generator back up for one Air-Conditioner

Community spaces

Swimming Pool

Multi equipped gym


Party Area

Walkways and green spaces

Site Plan

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For pricing and availability details, call Bijesh + 91 94964 10000 or write to us at