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GoodEarth Malhar


A Tapestry of Streets and Courtyards, Kengeri, Bangalore


Open your heart and mind and let their spaces grow. Fill them up with courtyards, gardens, dappling sunlight, soothing breeze and stimulating fragrances. Weave them together with cheerful streets and a homely neighbourhood inlaid with vibrant greenery and sunbathed grounds. Mosaic,
GoodEarth’s new community in the Malhar development truly echoes the best of both the earlier communities—Footprints and Resonance—blending significant architectural details from both. So the cars stay on the periphery and in come meandering, pedestrian friendly streets that loop around green gardens, courtyards and parks, opening out spaces visually and letting the energy flow around
free and uninterrupted.
On entering Mosaic one senses the spaces unfolding and flowing seamlessly, an experience that’s both visual and sensual. This feeling stays on as one enters the cluster areas, the courtyards and even
the interiors of the homes. Spaces throughout the community and within the homes are designed to evoke this sensation. The unique blending of spaces for community bonding and individual privacy is a recurring motif of the Malhar vision.
Two entry roads on either side of a large, open park lead in to Mosaic, and end where the clusters
begin, at the common car parks. This keeps the inner, looping cluster streets free of vehicular
movements. From here homes are but a few footsteps away. The natural elevation of the layout adds
drama to the terrain with clusters located at varying levels.
Mosaic is phase-3 of the Malhar eco-village spread across 5.5 acres, and is situated to the right
of the main road, after Resonance. To the left of this road will be a park forming another open
space between Mosaic and a low rise, terraced apartment. A clubhouse common to Mosaic and the
apartment will be located next to the park.


The layout for homes have been evolved and refined through insights gained from our previous communities and our hands-on engagement with its people. Homes in Mosaic reflect this through the use of subtle detailing and architectural departures to reflect individuality as well as build a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood. The spaces are rich in texture, varied in detail and characterised by balconies, verandahs, courtyards and terraces. Homes total 84, with clusters of 13 to 16 set around small parks. 5 such clusters are set in a mosaic, interconnected through a pedestrian walkway that loops around the entire community, making for shared as well as private spaces. A 6th cluster hugs a large park converging the community as its primary space for social interaction and activities. A basement car park is located under this large space. The green spaces will have indigenous & medicinal plants and trees.The homes are designed to be spacious and functional, ensure optimum light, natural ventilation and privacy. Built around nature, each house will have an internal or external courtyard or an open plan looking out to a large rear or a front garden.

The Community Club

The club at Mosaic is located across the street, and it connects to the wooded trail that is planned along the periphery of Malhar.  The club will have a well equipped gymnasium, a games room - with a table tennis table and other indoor games, a multi purpose hall which leads into an intimate private garden. The multipurpose space may be used by the community for get togethers, yoga, dance and music.  

The Homes

The homes are designed to be spacious and functional, ensure optimum light, natural ventilation and privacy. Built around nature, each house will have an internal or external courtyard or an open plan looking out to a large rear or a front garden. There are broadly 4 types of homes in Mosaic: Open plan homes,
the Internal Courtyard homes, the Garden Courtyard homes and the unusually laid Corner homes. Each home responds to its
unique position in the cluster, the layout or the shape of the plot. Orientation of the plot decides where the garden would be placed to
bring in the pleasant morning and evening sunlight and ensure the uninterrupted flow of gentle breeze. Some of the homes are oriented to the rear garden, especially if they are located off a street. This gives them more privacy. The homes around the park are oriented towards it, and rear yard is accessed from the kitchen and dining.

The Open Plan Garden Home

As the name suggests, the spaces within this house flow seamlessly from the entrance verandah through the living and dining areas to the rear verandah and into the rear garden. This creates a sense of spaciousness in an otherwise compact plan. The position of the plot in the layout and proximity to the parks will decide the emphasis on the front or rear garden. The spaces are interconnected with minimum walls, with a staircase leading to the first floor. The larger houses have a study, and/or a puja-room added to them.

The Skylit Internal Courtyard Home

These homes are designed around an inner courtyard. The courtyard is covered by a skylight and enhances

the quality of light and air within the home, apart from being a visual treat within it. The living and dining overlook this court, making this intimate garden space a part of the home. It gives room for personal expression in the rendering of its finishes and can be used to create a unique identity for each house.

The Garden Courtyard Home

 Like the aangans of old traditional homes, these homes, have walled gardens that are open to sky, but are an extension to the built spaces of the house. The gardens are enveloped on two or three sides by a verandahs and windows that overlook them, including those on the floor above. This way the main areas within the house are oriented to this garden. More private of the homes in Mosaic, they however retain a vibrant connection to the rest of the community, through the front verandah and garden that open out to the street.

Eco - Features

Sustainability drives our design and choice of materials to ensure that you and your environment forge a relationship for life.
  • We make a conscious effort to retain much of the existing topography, trees and other features by reducing built footprints and road areas.
  • Our designs respond to the climate in their planning and detailing, and the spaces thus created are abundantly lit and ventilated while still being comfortable in extremes of conditions.
  • Our homes are efficient, flexible and appear spacious even when compact.
  • We use a combination of the modern and the traditional in materials, techniques and details, creating a unique aesthetic that has a global flavour while being  decidedly Indian.
  • We integrate traditional crafts into our designs for their inherent value and to promote skilled craftspersons, and always emphasis human resource before material.
  • Our choice of material is based on a balance of local availability, efficiency of manufacturing process and durability over time. Natural materials make your homes more comfortable and age beautifully. Wherever possible we use recycled materials and always use resources optimally.

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Project Overview

Mosaic : 5.5 acres

Number of Families: 84

Plot Patterns: Cluster homes

Plot sizes: 1500 sq.ft to 2200 sq.ft.

Home sizes: 1900 to 2400 sqft
3  Bedroom homes


  • A large central open space, experienced from the two entrances.
  • House planned in 5 clusters, each cluster having from 10 -15 homes and its own cluster park.
  • A loop road,which links the community and also acts as a walking trail.
  • Common parking lots arranged off the two vehicular roads, from where one can access the homes which are a maximum of 50 - 100m away.
  • the houses are designed in response to different family profiles and climate.
  • The architecture will be evocative of village like spaces and scale.
  • Landscaped water bodies will serve as rainwater collection and recharge zones.
  • Rainwater will be harvested from the roofs and used for domestic supply.
  • The landscape will be designed to encourage biodiversity and conservation of local and indigenous species.
  • Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment Plant. and recycling of water for irrigation and flushing.


  • A Community club, which will be across the street.
  • 24 hour Security
  • Underground service ducts to take care of electricity and communications.Provision for Broad band connectivity
  • Backup power options using a  hybrid system  of solar  energy and generator.
  • Centralised water supply
  • Common toilets  and change room for servants, drivers etc. 

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